How a Mobile CRM Platform Improves These Five Facets of Your Business Operations

Today, even small businesses are required to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. In a technologically-awakened business world, each lead could possibly take more time and steps for completion.

Even as technology is a great enabler, it also increases stress and workload for processing individual orders. With multiple operation facets and conflicting parallel activities, it also brings an increased probability of error-creep. All these cumulate into businesses complaining about perils of modern technology and competitive disadvantage.

A Mobile CRM enables businesses to manage these elevated-level service requirements. It provides a greater utility tool for handling a modern-day business. Here we analyze five aspects of business, which has been probably changed forever through Mobile CRM.

Sales Communication and Negotiations

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, clarity and accuracy of communication is always a critical factor. under current circumstances, the ability to provide accurate information at the earliest is also substantial.

For example, consider a situation where you are handling large number of retailer points with diverse order demands. In olden days, you would resolve this problem through setting specific rate cuts, where all orders within a specific order volume would be served at a specific rate.

But in the face of competition and dwindling margins, a greater level of sophistication has come to be expected of modern businesses. There could be multiple variables associated with each stock order such as order volume, order timings, previous orders etc…

In this situation, Mobile CRM provides a seamless communication between businesses and their assigned manager or controlling officer. This allows back-and-forth sales negotiation to be followed with instant deal closures. Consequently, you can also take instant feedbacks and eliminate errors associated with traditional pen-and-paper system. The cloud-based communication also enables you to easily transfer messages between internal departments.

Report Management and Evaluation

If other functions of mobile CRM come across as performance enablers, the reports and analytics let you review performances. A concerned sales or business manager keep receiving their instant reports on Mobile CRM, which can be reviewed at leisure. This enables easier course correction and data verification with individual clients.

Feedback and Complaint Management

When you handle a large number of clients, mixed feedbacks and occasional complaints are inevitable. But, usually clients are more critical of the handling of complaints than the actual issue.

Mobile CRM enables you to resourcefully manage each detail concerning your business queries. It enables you resolve the issue or assign a resource to a particular task. With integrated complaint management through ticketing system, you can also resourceful manage even the prissiest complaints.

Product Catalogue Documentation

Having to satiate diverse audience taste and preferences, today almost all companies followed diverse product variety and package sizes. You needed a comprehensive product catalogues to manage catalogues. This required you to document and access even tiniest product variations through a Mobile API.

Rather than trying to introduce products through a paper catalogue or memory, a mobile CRM allows you a more detailed and accurate product showcase. This enables you to source specific information about ingredients or parameters within a limited time-span.

Optimal Field Team Management

Previously, a sales representative had to take periodic city tours to collect new orders. Needless to say, this was ineffective and mostly drained energy from your sales team. And due to lack of effective planning, most of these impromptu meetings usually turn-out to be futile.

Reasons You Should Rotate Your Seasoned Sales Manager

Complacency can be a big problem for a sales program. When the sales team does well, it’s easy to ignore them, to let things go along like normal and not think about changing anything. This can often be a mistake.

When it comes to your sales team, it doesn’t hurt to keep people on their toes, to keep them wondering about what’s happening next.

That doesn’t mean you should make them worry that they are going to be let go the first time they don’t reach their weekly or monthly quota. It’s not healthy for people to live in fear for their livelihood, but you do want to challenge your sales staff.

Don’t assume your current sales manage will be a permanent fixture. Many marketing experts feel the best way to keep a sales team fresh and productive will be renting your sales manager.

Most of the time, the person you currently have hired as your sales manager is someone who you pulled off your sales team. Chances are pretty good you made them manager because they showed strong leadership skills, and also put up high sales numbers each week. If this is the case, by permanently putting them in a managerial position, you’re depriving yourself of a good sales person. By rotating them back into the sales team, you make it possible for them to stay connected with their clients, the sales process, and continue to generate sales.

You never know what the future holds. By making the managerial position a rotating one, you’ll have multiple staff members ready to step in and take over if things go awry and you find yourself in desperate need of a good sales manager.

By making the position of sales manager a rotating position, you’re giving the rest of your sales team something to work towards. This often encourages them to stay motivated and to keep in contact with old clients while constantly reaching out to new prospects.

Managing a sales team can be tricky. Sales people tend to respond best when they have a close relationship with the person managing them. By routinely making sure that you send your current manager out on calls, you remind the rest of your sales team about the connection they share with the individual.

Use Salesforce CRM and Streamline Business Processes

It’s important for businesses to have the privilege of being run from anywhere. They must not bother about investing in hardware or software to run or manage their operations. In a sense, they should leverage the cloud and get enriched with the best of cloud, mobile and social. Which is why, CRM helps as it streamlines processes and automates operations together with bridging any gap on the distance and geography front. It also lets all information related to customers, associates and partners to be stored in a single place so that the task of decision making becomes as easy as needed.

A high-quality CRM system is one that saves businesses the worries and blues of data security. Such kind of system will be feature-rich and cloud based bringing granular control over every aspect related to the data and its security. More so, it lets businesses and their every part have a 360 degree view of their customers. More so, its implementation in the business has an impact on virtually all processes and operations. So, if it helps sales team to close deals faster, then it also lets marketing teams keep a track on campaigns. Similarly, the time taken to resolve customer complaints is cut down drastically.

Additionally, a powerful CRM system will give businesses the freedom of being run on any device. It will be built in a manner to scale with your business and supporting its future growth and expansion in an effortless manner. More so, businesses will have the ease of contact management together with mapping, tracking and analysing sales opportunities. It becomes easy to keep an eye on every lead and every customer – something businesses want badly. With all information at their fingertips and ready to retrieve anytime, it becomes extremely easy for business to reach to only right people and sell their wares.

More so, leveraging the cloud means businesses will always have social insights and up-to-date information regarding each and every aspect of their operations and customers. Similarly, there will be an opportunity to hire experts and handle them all what is not part of the core activities or operations. Doing this will free up resources and help businesses concentrate on the most vital aspect – the operations. The best thing about a cloud-based CRM is that it makes everything connected with an organization. So, it becomes easy to manage the operations and track the performance even while on the go, or when away.

In a sense, your business will benefit a great deal if it decides to go with a feature-rich and proven CRM system. It does not matter whether you are a small entity or a big corporation, you will need operations and systems to be organized and streamlined. You will need your business to benefit from Salesforce consulting services and grow by expanding its capabilities and competencies. So, you should only trust an expert or certified partner so that the business can benefit from the chosen CRM in the best possible way or manner.